"In a world where over 60 million people 
die every year and 
approximately 3.4 million 
die in the United States alone, 
leaving hundreds of millions of individuals
 to survive their deaths
Grief Authority Mary M. McCambridge, 
author, speaker, executive coach, consultant, 
host of The Mary Mac Show podcast, 
who established the 
Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc.
has created a new website specifically 
to meet the needs of families 
around the globe who are searching 
for just the right knowledge 
after they’ve experienced 
the death of a loved one."

"With the uncertainty we face with wars, pandemics and other unknowns, there will certainly be many more deaths and their survivors will need
to be comforted and educated.” 

“In our chaotic world, we simply don’t know if printed books will be available in the future or how long it might take for them to arrive on our doorstep. This site helps fill the need of the bereaved to 
get the information they need 
when they need it
any day or time."

"Bereaved individuals don't have the time, energy or desire to waste hours online searching for just the right books and products to help them through their grieving process. 
Grief Authority has 
already taken care of this."