The Mary Mac Show Podcast

This podcast was created to assist,
educate and comfort
 those grieving the death
of a significant loved one.

Since December 2019 we have
produced weekly episodes
which becomes available
every Sunday at
6:00 am Eastern Time
in the United States.

We speak very candidly about the issues
and pain of the grieving process.
That's what makes
 our podcast so well loved.

We don't sugar coat anything.  
We discuss very difficult situations
you may encounter and
answer the questions floating
around in your head,
even if you might be
afraid to ask them aloud.

Grief is messy
and you need a guide
so you'll know all you are
feeling is perfectly
natural and normal.

Take advantage of this free gift.

And please remember to
share with family and friends
who are also grieving.

Mary M. McCambridge (Mary Mac),
is a
Grief and Bereavement Specialist,
Executive Coach, Speaker and
Award-Winning Author
of several works in her field,
who established
The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc.,
her weekly podcast,
The Mary Mac Show,
offering products and gifts for the bereaved.

She has endured many deaths of
family and friends to
drunk drivers, accident and
illness, including
the murder of her
11 year-old stepdaughter
which was unsolved for 18 years.

She lends her over 35 years'
 experience to comfort and educate
those grieving the death of a loved one.

Her show is recognized among the
10 Best Podcasts on
Grief and Bereavement
by several organizations, with
listeners in over 120 countries and
is in the top 5% of podcasts globally.

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